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Maharishi Arvind University

Maharishi Arvind University is Established by Act No.25 of 2015 of Government of Rajasthan. It is a multi faculty unitary University, with a jurisdiction spread over the State of Rajasthan

The University’s motto is “तमसो माँ ज्योतिर्गमय” “Moving from Darkness of Ignorance Towards the Light of Knowledge”.

VISION: To contribute towards the objective of Nation building by offering Quality Higher Education and promoting a culture of Research and Innovation.

MISSION: To provide quality education to budding managers, technocrats and equip them with up-to-date knowledge, technical skills and attitudes. To instill professional Ethics, Competence and provide best placements in corporate and industry.

VALUES: Innovation | Fellowship & Team Work | Seeking Truth | Excellence | Accountability | Inclusiveness

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The University’s objectives are to disseminate and advance knowledge by offering teaching and research facilities, to make provisions for studies at Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Integrated course levels in Engineering & Technology, Basic & Applied Science, Management, Commerce, Arts & Humanities, Journalism & Mass Communication, Library & Information Science, Design and Vocational Education and to promote interdisciplinary studies and research.


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Smt. Bharti Prashar



VALUES: Innovation | Fellowship & Team Work | Seeking Truth | Excellence | Accountability | Inclusiveness

It is a matter of great pride and satisfaction that a University inspired by the teachings & named after the great freedom fighter, educationist and spiritual yogi Maharishi Arvind is being set up at Jaipur. I am sure that the students will draw inspiration from this great Indian visionary and will try to emulate some of his ideals in their life.

India is on a cusp of a demographic dividend and the energy of our young citizens can propel the country into the forefront of comity of nations in 21st century. However it is important that this energy is channelized and harnessed for Nation building and service of society. Here the role of University education plays a very critical & contributory role.

Though the foundation of the young person is being laid at school, however the edifice of the building, in the form of his/her character & competence, is further formed during the period of higher education. Hence, at Maharishi Arvind University our focus will not only be on developing competencies of the students for building their career but also simultaneously ensuring that they develop a service orientation through value based education.

I welcome all the parents & students, who have reposed trust & confidence in us and have come forward to take up higher studies at Maharishi Arvind University Jaipur.

Wishing you all the best !

Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are. - Theodore Roosevelt

Competing in an ambience of prolific technology, one needs to be a maestro of amalgamating knowledge within the spheres of learning and implementation. Maharishi Arvind University believes in providing a comprehensive learning experience to learners which will make education not only an integral part of life but a way of life itself. Our pedagogy pivots around providing quality and practical education to the young minds which will make them more competent to face the future challenges.

We aim to develop a total personality by making them imbibe the ethical and spiritual values. I am sure that with professional competence, hard work and result oriented approach; our students will prove to be an asset to the industry and to the society as well.

Dr. Bharat Prashar
(Vice Chairperson)

"It is a privilege to welcome you all to one of the leading universities of Rajasthan (India). I am proud to be a part of the team that helps in laying a strong foundation based on trust, hardship and honesty. We, at Maharishi Arvind University believe that every person is special and together we can help each other grow. Our motto is to make responsible citizens that are not only confident and focused but the ones who also believe in benevolence."

Prof (Dr.) S.G Sharma