Faculty Of Social Science


The department of social science and Humanities aim to inspire and motivate the students in the field of Languages and Social Changes. It incessantly aim to impart education that responds to changing social realities through the development and application of knowledge, towards creating a people centered, equality, social justice and human right for all. Further with a conviction that students come up with inspiring wings, the department also aims to organize cultural events such as drama, group discussion, debates, extempore etc.to promote social awareness and self-reliance among the students.

B.A. - Bachelor of Arts

B.A. in general is a full time undergraduate course. Students can choose a number of combination of subject.The duration of course is 3 Year. The University provides degree in subjects like Pol.Science | Public Admin. | History |Sociology |Geography |Economics | Psychology | Mathematics | Statistics | Hindi |English etc.

Eligibility:10+2  Duration: 3 Years

M.A. - Master Of Arts

M.A. degree offers a number of diverse benefits ranging from enhanced career prospects to improved problem-solving and decision-making skill. It leads to PhD program with specialized within disciplines in the Arts, Humanities and Social Science. it is two year post graduate program where the department aims to provide degree in subjects like Pol.Science | Public Admin. | History |Sociology |Geography |Economics | Psychology | Mathematics | Statistics | Hindi |English etc.

Eligibility: Graduate Duration: 2 Years


Pol. Science, Public Administration, History, Sociology, Geography, Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, Hindi, English.

Eligibility:Post Graduation Duration: 3 Years

Career Opportunities

Social Sceince majors have a wide range of fascinating and high-earning career paths available to them, including many roles that require creativity in addition to practical knowledge and technical traning. they can explore themselves as:

  • Anthropologist
  • Economist
  • Social Worker
  • Social scientist
  • Educationist
  • Social psychologist
  • Survey Researcher
  • Reasearch Analyst
  • Geologist
  • Management Consultant
  • Technical Writer
  • Editor
  • Teacher
  • Artist
  • Linguist
  • Counselor
  • Travel Agent
  • Public Reations Manager
  • Interpreter and/ Translator
  • Administrative Job (IAS,PCS,IPS etc)